Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Reverend Andrew Amos, 1863-1931, Footballer and Vicar

Andrew Amos; bottom, third from the right 

Andrew Amos was born in St Stephen's Vicarage on the New Kent Road, to the Vicar of St Stephen's and his wife. He went to Charterhouse school, studied for a Bachelors degree at Clare College, Cambridge, and took an MA in 1891 (having "connections", the admissions procedure was slightly different for him than it is now). Not only was my three times great-uncle part of the Church of England clergy (ordained Deacon of the Diocese of Durham in 1887, and Priest-in-Charge of the Clare College Mission in Rotherhithe, London 1889-98), but he also played "soccer"! He played for Corinthian Eleven and was part of the amateur England Eleven. He was also political, a member of the Labour party. His wife, Susan Amos (nee Connolly), was also an elected Labour Councillor in 1922. Andrew Amos died on the 2nd October 1931 at Guy's Hospital, London.

The insightful inscription on his tombstone says:
Andrew Amos Priest
Passed over 2nd October 1931
"I have fought the fine fight
I have kept the faith."

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