Friday, 17 August 2012

Blue Blood and 13th Century English Monarchy

Through some documents passed down to me by my granny I can trace my history to King Edward III of England (and Edward II and Edward I)! While it's exciting to be able to say that he is my 22nd great grandfather, given the 700 year history between us it also means that a lot of people can also claim the same relationship! He was born in Windsor, England on 13th November 1312 and married Philippa Hainault of France. So here are the links, beginning with my paternal great-grandmother Agnes Grace Cancellor.

Agnes Cancellor (1901-1994) daughter of Ada Radcliffe (1866-1906), daughter of
Rebecca Fenwick (1837-1923) daughter of Nicholas Fenwick (1802-1843), son of
Robert Fenwick (d.1829) son of Robert Fenwick (1716-1802), son of 
Elizabeth Clavering daughter of James Clavering (1665-1707), son of
John Clavering (1641-1688) son of James Clavering (1620-1702), son of 
John Clavering (1591-1648) son of James Clavering (1565-1630), son of 
Ann Grey (1532-1616) daughter of Dorothy Ogle (1515-1570), daughter of
Margaret Gascoigne (1473-1515) daughter of William Gascoigne (1445-1487), son of
Joan Neville (1431-1464) daughter of John Neville (1416-1482), son of
Mary Ferrers (1394-1457) daughter of Joan Beaufort (1379-1440), daughter of 
John Plantagenet (1340-1399) son of Edward III (1312-1377)

Ffew!! I'm exhausted at the idea of being related to all those people who lived through 700 years of English history!

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